Our Core focus in what we do is to Improve the Life Expectancy, Daily Independence and Self-Confidence for everyone living with Special Needs around Australia, and eventually the World.

We are the Hosts of the Flying Kiwi Cup, a monument to success of Powerlifting Athletes with All Abilities. And, creators of the Strong Hearts Program, an All-Abilities Sport and Recreation program, boosting Cardiovascular Health, Motor Skills, and of course making friends!

Flying Kiwi Ability Coaching Program

Coaching for a more capable, independent, and longer life.

The Perfect solution for goal achieving, happiness and self-confidence boosting premium coaching support for Athletes with Special Needs. Taking a customised approach to achieving goals set out in your NDIS plan (Or just goals for life!) and making sure the plan framework is multi-faceted – attacking from all angles in life!

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The Strong Hearts Program

Special Needs Social Sport and Recreation Program

The Strong Hearts Program is our Group Special Needs Social, Sport and Recreation Program, creating a fun, Social, and loving environment focussed on Cardiovascular Health, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, and making friends all while not realising you are exercising!

The Aim is to help the Athletes Associate Exercise with Happiness – because if we can help them achieve that, then in the years to come, they will all want to exercise because they find it enjoyable – not because its a chore – and therefore help to improve their own health and wellbeing for their longer lifestyle!

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We want to get to know you as a Parent, or Carer, and really understand what you would love for your child to achieve in the short term, and long term.

As we know every person is unique, we want to get to know your child inside and out, so we can take the best calculated approach possible to achieve everything we can as a team.

Please tap below to leave your details with us, and a member of the team will get in touch as soon as possible to help get on the way to a better way of life for your child – and you!

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If you would like to get in touch with Michael over mobile if this is more comfortable for you, please feel free to give him a call via Mobile on 0410 257 561!