Our team is made up of those with big hearts! Meet them here:

Michael Adams

Founder; Flying Kiwi Enterprises, Chief Big Kid

Michael Adams (Pictured Left)

Michael’s core focus in life is to help athletes with special needs live healthier, stronger, longer, more confident lives. He is a passionate coach who has been in the special populations personal training sector for over 8 Years, and started as a coach back in 2012!

Growing up with a Cousin and Brother both on the Autism Spectum, when the opportunity arose he volunteered for a Special School needing fitness help in 2015. He loved coaching the class so much, the rest creates his history!

Fast forward to the present, Michael has became a specialised Coach working with Athletes with Special Needs fulltime alongside his amazing team. In 2018, he established the Strong Hearts Program, a group program that specialises in Sport and Recreation for Special Needs Population. It is a Program that provides a social and safe setting for Athletes with Special Needs to improve their heart health, gross/fine motor skills and social abilities – and ultimately, a sense of fulfilment and appreciation for the bodies they’re in.

Michael is arguably the biggest kid of the whole team. When he isn’t singing along to various Disney Songs, he is usually found in the gym, counting push ups and just generally being the annoying big brother to the athletes.

Flying Kiwi Fitness is his, and he is so very proud of everyone who joins in with him, Staff, Athletes, and Parents alike ❤

Sammy Corscadden

Team Admin Manager, Best Team Mum Figure

Sammy C (Pictured Left)

Sammy C is the Brains of the operation!

When she isn’t being the coolest support worker ever, she is helping run the behind the scenes of Flying Kiwi. Usually the first point of contact for everyone, there isn’t much she doesn’t know about in our world!

Also as the Number one Coordinator of our INCREDIBLE Flying Kiwi Formal, she could add “Event Coordinator” to her resume faster than you could say “Hey Michael, have you done this yet?”

She keeps all the lads and ladies on task, and tries to make sure our world keeps going around!

Jacob Cook

Strong Hearts Coach, Red Rover Extraordinaire

Jacob Cook Laughing at our Competition Day

Jacob is our big friendly giant, and one of our instructors at the Strong Hearts Program!

With a great knowledge of exercise and different sports, you can usually find Jacob at the other end of the court in a game of Red Rover!

He also loves his computer games, and all sorts of collectables like cards. Being apart of the team since 2018, he is a familiar face to all Athletes in the Flying Kiwi Programs, as he also helps at all of our Flying Kiwi Cups and is the longest standing member of the Staff!

Michael Thomas

One On One Coach, Flexing Champion

Mikey (Pictured with Massive Flex at the front)

Michael (Mikey) has coached alongside Michael A at Goodlife Chermside for over 3 years now, but joined Team Flying Kiwi back in 2020 to help with the overflow of athletes, and for Flying Kiwi Cups.

Absorbed by the team very fast, Mikey quickly became a busy man inside the team having taken over 600 sessions with many very lucky athletes! With a Solid history of Strength and Hypertrophy training behind him, and a love of superheroes, he is a fantastic part of the team, and is of course loved by all the athletes!

Kirra Jacques

Strong Hearts Coach, Big Sister To All

Kirra (Next to some random guy 🤷‍♂️)

Originally a coach inside Goodlife also, Kirra stepped into the role as one of our Personal Trainers back in 2021. Meeting the entire team there, she eventually moved over to our Monday Strong Hearts Program to help keep all the Boys in check!

Like a big sister to all the participants, her care level is always high, and she loves to make sure there are always smiles on faces while everyone is running silly! Usually found holding a participant’s hand to make sure they don’t feel left out, she is always maintaining the fun, family vibe we love!

Nicholla Pittolo

One on One Coach, Peace Sign Expert

Nicholla Showing everyone who is boss

Nicholla started with the Team in Mid 2021, even though she was new to the Personal Training Space, she has found her ground extremely well with the team thanks to her history of support work, strength training, and general loving nature!

Also in at Goodlife Chermside, she has taken many of our athletes from absolute beginnings, and will have her first athletes of her own this year at our Flying Kiwi Cup – the boys should be nervous! Always putting her best foot forwards making sure the athletes are feeling comfortable, safe, and of course progressing forward!

Brittney Mallon

One on One Coach, Mountaineer, Always Photogenic

Britt Flexing with Jess

Britt has been in the personal training sector for 7 years now, actually working alongside Michael at the same gym! Only recently joining into the Flying Kiwi team, she has quickly became a loved and respected member of the team, having already attended multiple Flying Kiwi Cups and Formals, and looking after a handful of Athletes for us!

When she isn’t at the gym, she is climbing mountains, camping, and has even made it to Everest Base camp before!

We look forward to helping your athlete achieve their goals, no matter how big or small!