Meet our Team

Our team is made up of those with big hearts! Meet them here:

Sam Porter (Pictured Right)

With a smile as big as his heart, Sam loves coaching all his clients for all the giggles! He is a Coach inside the Gym for powerlifting and general lifestyle improvements, as well as one of the instructors at the Strong Hearts Program.

When he isn’t hanging out at the gym, you can find Sam playing soccer, and driving his big mean red machine 4-wheel driving!

Jacob Cook (Pictured Left)

Jacob is our big friendly giant. and one of our instructors at the Strong Hearts Program!

With a great knowledge of exercise and different sports, you can usually find Jacob at the other end of the court in a game of Red Rover! He also loves his computer games, and all sorts of collectables like cards.

Sammy C (Pictured Left)

Sammy C is the Brains of the operation!

When she isn’t being the coolest support worker ever, she is helping run the behind the scenes of Flying Kiwi. Usually the first point of contact for everyone, there isn’t much she doesnt know about in our world!

She also keeps all the lads on task, and tries to make sure our world keeps going around!

Michael Adams

Michael is arguably the biggest kid of the whole team. When he isnt singing along to various Disney Songs, he is usually found in the gym, counting push ups and just generally being the annoying big brother to the athletes.

Flying Kiwi Fitness is his, and he is so very proud of everyone who joins in with him, Staff, Athletes, and Parents alike ❤

No matter your goals, we cant wait to help out!